Ski Resort Tycoon

Simulation 2000 Windows Activision Trade or management Business Tycoon style

Versatile management simulation

It is a typical management game where you goal is to construct and then manage a Ski resort at a mountain in order to make money. Very much like typical management simulation, the gameplay is all about strategic decisions making and using your resources in the most optimal manner. However it is quite diverse in terms of the things that you need to do and in terms of the variety of aspects that you need to consider. First coming towards the infrastructure at your Ski Resort. You need to have a Ski ramp for jumping, Ski lifts and Ski runs to add thrill to the resort. Other features off infrastructure involved in the game are landscaping, dining, lodging, guest amenities, maintenance, provisions, entertainment staff etc. You need to be good with all the features to make a good profit. In terms of the gaming options, you have various difficulty levels and modes of gameplay which also includes a tutorial mode. The tutorial mode will enable you to learn the game to make you a pro at it. The game is also good with the graphics and the UI and the scenarios in it are very diverse. Ski Resort Extreme is another version in this series and I have found it to be a bit superior.

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