Skiing '99

Sport 1998 Windows Sierra Winter sports

3D downslope skiing game; fast and playable

Skiing '99 is a ski game, a modern enough one, and also, pretty interesting. It's got quite a few different modes of play. It's got a Hot Dog competition which is kind of cool, a Pro Training, which also will assess your abilities, and also, a single player and a multiplayer competition. Other than that you can choose to optimize the game's options, graphical and gameplay, in many different ways, so you can make it all into a much more palatable. The most satisfying is the fact that the 3D engine is sleek enough to offer you very fast downslope descents, and, plus, Skiing '99 also offers you a great and immediate controls, which, as I said, can be modified according to your preferences. So, with great graphics, fast, with statistics to see how you're faring, and with a lot of different modes of play, if you feel like digital skiing, Skiing '99 is a retro title worth its salt and download bandwidth, without question. Similarly good, download Snowboard Racer, for a same era snowboard sim that is sure well executed.

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