Skull & Crossbones

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Domark Action based Adventure style

Be Red Beard or One Eye: both great pirates!

Skull & Crossbones is a combination of action with strategy in the style of Ships and Forts, but, as you must have guessed, with pirates! There are however levels in there that ask you to duel heavy duty knights, others where you'll sword battle on the decks of ships and others were you will swing your sword in Japanese styled dojo spaces. All of these fights take place from a third person, sidescroller perspective, and at times you can move only left and right, while at others you can also move up and down too (on the ship deck, for instance). It's very simple, almost brawler kind of action levels, but wilding your sword also takes a bit of strategizing too, so don't expect the world's lest complicated brawler fighter, this one will take some smart maneuvering too. All in all, though, Skull & Crossbones is very well done, very well polished, and, all in all, it is a cool sword play game. It's not much of a looker though, so expect no more than alright 8bit graphics, but they sure work alright. Else, download Primal Rage too, another brawler action fighter game.

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