Sword Quest 1 - The Search

RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox Erik Badger Adventure style

Basic yet playable RPG

Not a lot pops out from this game, but, even so, with it being as low key as it is, the playability and fun element is at a good position. The game, as the title suggests, will put you on a quest to find this mythical sword. However, in the good way these games do, the situation escalates and you will learn that the world will be in need of your unlikely yet very welcomed heroism. The game is a top down creation, and ofr the DOS environment it looks palatabl. Which is to say that it looks a bit like an NES role playing game, but with a few perks up its sleeve. Nonetheless, the fighting gets old after a bit, mainly because the number of weapons you can find in game is not too high. But, overall, Sword Quest 1 - The Search can keep you entertained for a while, and you'll get your RPG fix. Will you take it to the end? I doubt it! However, if you love simple, streamlined games such as this one with a little more to offer, I advise you to download Dink Smallwood, one of the best games in this low key RPG genre.

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