Fountain of Dreams

RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Top down Adventure style

The unofficial sequel to Wasteland

Even if EA presented this game as a continuation of Wasteland when it was released, none of the Interplay original team worked on it and neither was the engine of the game in any way connected to the Wasteland RPG engine, but, nevertheless, the game played very much like the famed postapocalyptic RPG. The game takes place in a war torn Florida this time, and features the same perils of Wasteland fame, there are radioactive areas that you need to stay clear of unless you have the right protection, there are mutants roaming the dead city and other perils expected from a nuclear torn landscape. In spite of the postapocalyptic theme, the game plays much like a Zelda RPG, from a top down perspective and with square tiles making the bulk of the map. The color palette seems a little too poorly chosen for a game where devastation is the key, but you will encounter loads of vegetation, which kind of breaks the charm of the original. Also the story is much less interesting than Wasteland's, as this game dabbles in organized crime and a mafia like organization of the society which seems a bit too unlikely for the setting. While no gem, you might want to give this a try if you like a Zelda like game with instanced turn based fights. The fights are also a bit too unfair in the beginning, as you risk death even when you fight enemies as small as a rat. Thus, Fountains of Dreams is a bit of a broken toy, on too many levels to be a good enough game to recommend wholeheartedly, but certainly not the worst top down RPG of its time.

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