Slave Zero

Action 1999 Windows Tommo First Person Shooter Simulation Sci fi

Giant mechs are cool

Like a flashy modern update to classic monster mashes like Rampage, Slave Zero does pretty much exactly what you want in a giant robot game. Although it ultimately outstays its welcome a little, while it lasts, it's a hugely enjoyable ride that does what it says on the tin. The game is set some 500 years in the future, where the greatest megacity in the world is locked in a state of eternal battle. Man and machine have been almost indistinguishable, and huge biomechanical monstrosities rampage at will, destroying all that lies before them. You take the role of Slave Zero, a sixty foot tall beast of a machine that is about to take the fight to the enemy. You basically get to rampage through the crowded streets of the city, crushing tanks, hovercars and foot soldiers, while trying to protect your allies, while following specific mission objectives. The game plays out in first or third person perspective and is a mixture of shooting and melee combat, with a variety of weapons with which to unleash chaos. Slave Zero gets off to a good start, with some impressive visuals and lush environmental design that is superb to look at. There's a great sense of detail and scale, as you roam around, crushing and blasting all that lie before you. The gameplay too is initially a blast, with solid shooting and close combat, both of which are very satisfying. However, it soon becomes a little repetitive and you can't help wishing for a little more depth, while the handling of the mech is also a little off. However, minor quibbles aside, this is an enjoyable if short-lived arcade romp.

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