Ed Hunter

Action 1999 Windows EMI Records Horror First Person

A good old action shooter

The game is a good action rail shooter which is based on some renowned albums of Iron Maiden. Ed hunter is the main character in the game and is basically a detective who has been hired for the purpose of rescuing Eddie who is the mascot of Iron Maiden. Eddie has been kept in some insane asylum and freeing him form there will require you to go through a lot of enemies in the form of thugs and criminals who are all armed. The wave of enemies can appear surprisingly making the action quite instant and tough. The graphics in the game have been based on the idea to make the game have a nightmarish look and has some very smooth animations which support the gameplay. The guns that you have in the game are simple but they are effective in killing the enemies. The game also involves puzzle solving in the form obstacles and you have to be a bit strategic in your quest. All the action happens real time and the A1 is good enough to make this action quite competitive. The controls are also smooth and well incorporated into the gameplay. Gamers would also like Creature Shock which has the same nightmarish graphics and good action.

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