Heavy Gear II

Action 1999 Windows Activision Robots First Person

Revenge is ours!

Heavy Gear II is a sequel of a computerized version of Heavy Gear, a very popular game universe that featured in board games, card games, even a TV show. It revolves around humanoid combat vehicles, the Gears and Striders, used by the military forces. In this game, you are required to go to the planet Caprice and make revenge on the destruction of a whole city from your planet. The game is a first person shooter (Like Unreal Tournament), with the ability to view the game in a third person view too. You can pick the campaign mode or you can hand pick the missions you want to play. The game is beautifully created, with rich texture, fantastic surroundings, dark colors and 3D acceleration, giving you a very good setting for your gameplay. The gameplay is also very good. The response system is great so you won't have game lag, the weapons are various and interesting, and the game is packed with action. The AI is well written so you'll feel the intensity and the challenge. All of this is followed by an epic soundtrack that is perfect for your killing atmoshpere. The only minor fault is that the visuals, although very sharp, are not realistic enough, but when you're on a spree, you won't even notice it. This is probably one of the best FPS games of the nineties.

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