Action 1999 Windows Midas Interactive Entertainment First Person Futuristic

Jump into a Fifth Element like world with flying cars

B-Hunter is a very simple bot based and multiplayer game that features cars that fly. Your goal will be to hunt down the other players, who drive the same types of vehicles and who, on their turn, try to hunt you down. The game world consists of city like environments with lots of altitudes, offering you different places where to hide, and other places where you're discovered, having to base your strategy on evasive moves and fast and accurate shooting. The flying cars can vary in terms of their weapons, shields and speed, so you have to find the right type of strategy based on the plusses and minuses of your vehicle, but, the faster you and more accurate you can shoot the better for you. The game is thus a shooter basically, in a relatively confined space, with the flying to add more challenge to your control scheme. The best way to tackle this game is to use a joystick so that accuracy while flying and aiming will be better than your adversaries, otherwise your game will just become too random and frustrating.

The future of bounty hunters

B-Hunter is an arcade game that talk's about the future of bounty hunters, on this game you can destroy alot of things including: enemies, friends, civilians, police officers and some times buildings. There are a lot of weapons in this game including missiles and big guns, and sonic blasts! the missions in this game is great! any way when you finish the game you will be the big boss of all police stations in town! hope you will like this interesting game,it is easy to play and there is alot of adventure in it! note: it work's great on dos and windows 98, and with DosBox in any other system.

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