Action 1984 Dos Simon & Schuster Interactive Arcade style

Chomp chomp chomp

This little game belongs to a surprisingly large group of titles which are not exactly innovative but which provide plenty of simple, old-fashioned arcade-style fun. Very similar to the likes of Nibbles, this clone offers little in the way of originality but does throw in a two-player mode to mix things up and it's this simple fact alone which really makes it worth a look.Just in case you're not familiar with the genre, the idea here is to control your little snake and help it grow as big as possible. This entails wandering around the screen, grabbing all the food while racking up points the longer you survive. The problem is, that as you grow, it becomes ever harder to avoid your own body, thus making the game a fairly exciting race against yourself. This one adds in a few special items to collect, such as powerups which allow you to pass through your own body temporarily or to shrink yourself briefly but at a cost of increased speed. The two-player mode is a lot more fun, as you have to force your opponent into the wall or to eat himself in order to win, which adds a great sense of competitiveness to proceedings, and this really is the best way to play. You can also play against the computer which sees you facing off against four other snakes and which again adds something new to the whole idea. As far as Nibble clones go, this is largely decent stuff. The visuals are of course pretty basic stuff and the single-player mode is very similar to every other such game out here but it's worth a look just for the multi-player and in this mode, you're guaranteed to have a good time. Check out Heroes too for a slightly flashier take on the the genre.

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