Action 1983 Dos Mirror Images Software Arcade style

Shoot the invading spiders; don't let them get you!

Spyder is a sort of Invaders remix, in which, instead of aliens you are invaded by hungry spiders, and instead of missiles you shoot darts at them! They crawl towards the ground using webs, and you have to shoot them, while, later on, having to avoid the eggs that they drop ony our head. You are not a ship, but a little man and you have to move fast and decide in what order to shoot the spiders, as they tend to come (later on, in later levels) down at different speeds. It's pretty basic graphically; the spiders are black and made out of just a few pixels, and your little human is also pretty rudimentary as well, with just a feel likes for his feet and a few lines for this torso and hands. At any rate, it's a cool game, sidescroller style, released very early in 83, and judging by that period's standards, given that it goes beyond the usual ASCII graphics of that era, it's definitely a winner! So, if you like vertical shooting, and you want to get rid of a spider phobia, this low fi game might be just the thing for you! I know I liked it quite a bit.

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