Action 1983 Dos MOPS Computer Systems Arcade style

It's Frogger with a chicken

Frogger is a genuine legend of the video gaming industry, a classic slice of arcade fun that has proved enduringly popular over the years thanks to its mix of fun and addictive high score chasing gameplay. Like any such game, like Pacman and Defender, Frogger has inspired numerous clones and copies over the years, from the likes of Horace Goes Skiing, to Hedgehogger. As you might have guessed, Fowl Play is one such game which has been influenced by the humorous antics of the legendary frog who just wanted to find his way back to the pond. This time however, the background inspiration is that classic joke of 'Why did the chicken cross the road?' Just in case you've never been exposed to the delights of Frogger before, the game requires you to control a little character (which doesn't really look much like a chicken in this case), through a series of top down, vertically scrolling levels. Your goal is to reach the top, only standing between you and success are lots of cars and other moving obstacles and which make the task pretty tricky. That's pretty much it for the game in all honesty, and if you haven't played Frogger and are looking for a bit of nostalgic retro fun, then this should fit the bill. It's easy to pick up and is still entertaining but challenging, and the only major fault is that it doesn't add anything new to the already established formula. The visuals are decent enough, although a little crude, with the chicken looking more like a spaceship, so by all means take a look.

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