Freddy Fish

Action 1983 Dos Mirror Images Software Arcade style

Help Freddy survive in the water!

Freddy Fish is a well produced, 2D, well delivered arcade action game, that is all about making all the efforts to survive underwater! You are a fish wanted by fishmongers (the ships above you that try to hook you up!) wanted by larger fishes, and even by sharks! Boy, a fish's like sure is a hardship! But, if you steer him away from danger and you keep his health up, while managing to get the powerups, you can get a whole load of points and even see the beginning of the next wave of enemies! Graphically, the EGA style is what this game is all about. It looks alright, with the classic colors of that style, the lite milky greens, the magenta and the other colors. But, for the most part, the game is pretty well produced and it sure knows how to keep you interested for long hours. So, overall, Freddy Fish is a great one, definitely worth looking into, and with all the elements that it has under its belt, it sure knows how to keep you entertained. A game such as Jungle Hunt is just a fine a sidescroller arcader, and if you like that one too, you can be sure you'll have a whole load of arcade adventure to go for.

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