Puzzle 1991 Dos Silicon Square Software Hex or tile based Tetris variant

Hexagon tetrominoes that need to be arranged!

Hextris is a Tetris remix, in which the classic square based, straight lined tetrominoes have been replaces by hexagonal shapes. Still, they do fall from the sky in random order, and can be arranged left to right and moved on their axis. Your goal, still, is to create a full line of tetrominoes, and once a line is created, it will disappear, allowing another more space for new tetrominoes (or, say, hexominoes!) to enter the arena. Now, in spite of the hexagonal shapes of the building blocks, you will be amazed to find that the game hasn't changed a lot; quite on the contrary, this set of hexagons still can form the classic tetromino shapes and they can still be arranged as they would in a classic Tetris game. Thus, as I concluded, you too will find that the game is just a different graphics version of the classic, but with no rules changed because of the new building block shaped differently from what it used to be shaped like. All in all, for lovers of Tetris, this can be a good version, with basically no rules of play altered. Maybe for lovers of hexagons in 2D!

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