Space Bucks

Strategy 1996 Windows Sierra Business Science Fiction

Too complicated to be truly fun

Space Buck is a very underrated space strategy game that is concentrated solely on trading and the objective of the game is to become the galaxy's best space trading company and this is not a very easy task to complete. You will start with one planet and one post and you will have to expand your empire over several planet, then solar system, then the entire galaxy. It's has a very simple gameplay - buy goods from one place and sell them at the higher price someplace else, thus creating a profit and having capital to expand your business to other planets. The gameplay is very simple since the user interface and the controls are very user friendly and practical, but the game suffers on the large scale - the better you get and the bigger your empire becomes, it gets a lot more difficult tracking your progress and there are way too much statistical details that make the gameplay seem a bit tedious and boring. Still, praise has to be given to the insane amount of detail that was given to the game and the effort it was put for it to be as huge and complex as it is. Still, too much details might just be the thing that will make you want to overlook the game. I kind of have a feeling like the game is over-complicating things. The game might seem fun and simple for the first few days but the longer you play the more lost you will become in the vastness of information and complexity of it all. My opinion would be that this game would be fine only for those with nerves of steel.

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