Strategy 1994 Windows Sierra Real time Science Fiction

Stay away!

On paper at least, Outpost sounds like it could be a great addition to the SimCity building genre. However, in practice it's a bit of a dead loss, and if you want to develop your own cities in space, you're better off with Transport Tycoon on Mars as this one just doesn't cut it. The background for this game describes how a massive asteroid was spotted heading for Earth, so a powerful corporation decided to start colonizing other planets in order to find a new home. You are in charge on one of the colonizing spaceships and you've just arrived on a new planet and are tasked with building everything your people need. The game plays out in isometric perspective and sees you responsible for pretty much everything in the colonization process, from laying down new buildings, to developing new technologies and managing all the intricacies of everyday life on a new planet. All this sounds potentially interesting, but it all falls apart as soon as you actually delve into the game itself. You start out by picking a planet from a star map but even this is fraught with danger as you have no real idea of what the difference between any of them is, so it's just a question of pot luck. Moving on to the main gameplay, all this involves is simply clicking on buttons in order to perform various actions but which rarely approaches fun. Much of what you need to do is never really explained, so again it all comes down to luck and experimentation but which again is just tedious rather than enjoyable. The problems go on but really, you're just better off avoiding this altogether.

Original strategy game

Outpost is a strategy game with a very good science fiction theme. The plot in the game is that earth is about to be hit by an asteroid that will completely destroy it. All the efforts have be made to divert its direction but none of them has been successful. The last thing they did is that they fired a nuclear missile which only broke it into two pieces. The destruction of earth and human life is inevitable therefore it is decided to build some colony on some planet in the vast spread galaxy. Various people have been called for the mission and you will be the one that will head this mission. So it is basically a space colony building simulation where you have to take care of a lot of management factors. Well of course you cannot a built a colony for the entire human race in a short time. You have limited resource and the time is very short. Keeping in view the requirements of the human and the resources that you have, you will built the infrastructure of the space colony along with facilities that will be needed by them for both living and survival. The graphics in the game are 3D and are really jaw dropping and the space themes shown in the game are great. You will love everything about this game and the sequel ( Outpost 2) is also a good strategy game.

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