Space Commanders

Action 1983 Dos Dosbox Columbia Data Products Space combat

A more colorful yet clone like replica of Space Invaders

Hmm, for me the word commanders makes me think of army suit clad gentlemen, boasting insults at cadets and you know, the kind that ooze respect all over. But in this game, the Commanders are the Space Invaders replica of the invaders of that one, only that they are much more colorful and, to compare it to the first Space Invaders of them all, also much faster, and less prone to increases in speed when they are fewer. So, overall, you'll know what the recipe wants from you: you need to shoot the alien presences lest they touch down, and invade. That, as any grim commander will tell you, is a fate worse than... not playing (!) so be careful. Then, you also have to dodge their (slow moving) rockets, or whatever it is that they throw at you. It's up to you to decide, since it's still a few pixels we're talking about! But, the fun is guaranteed if you love oldschool arcaders, because, of that style, Space Commanders is quite a good game. But, as I said, only if you don't mind a little extra of rainbow colors in there.

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