Space Commanders 2

Action 1985 Dos Columbia Data Products Shooter Arcade style

Space Invaders under a different name!

Space Commanders 2 is the second game, from the same company, recreating Space Invaders, and, while not too original, it's a really good shooter and dodger of alien pellets. It's been released in 85, with a black and white set of graphics, and an overall good looking and well moving set of aliens. The aliens are pixelated, and your ship is small and powerful, capable of moving around in the small space in the lower portion of the screen. You will know the drill immediately: all you have to do is shoot them, while dodging their fire, and you have to shoot them all before they are so close to you that you can't no longer touch them. Each new level brings a speedier attack, with more enemies, and with them moving about faster and faster. Overall, if you like this supremely simple arcade style game, Space Commanders 2 is as good as they got, if you don't want a remix, something that adds more to the genre. Else, it's as playable as they ever gotten and worht looking into by fans of the genre.

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