Space Dude

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox FormGen Humorous

Dude, check out Space Dude!

Humor, space, shooting and aliens, well that sounds like an interesting premise. But what if I told you that these keywords are actually describing a game that is actually playable, weird as the 90s could conjure and actually fun? Would you believe me? Well, let me try some more: Do you remember the age of the stock graphics, the age of the demo scenes? No? Well, here's the deal, the 90s kind of geeks were not privy to Twitter or to some other social media way of communication, and in order for them to gather they needed a reason. And what is there more fun and engaging than trying to come up with ways to squeeze more out of hardware? Eh, well, times have changed, but what this game showcases is that crazy, cacophonous and slightly mad mindset of the 90s, where alien worlds had to have monsters that were of a kind of cool that today is really dorky. But Space Dude does more than that; it creates a game out of these elements that would otherwise would only be enjoyed by staring at them; it creates a shooter with many different stages, some 2D some 3D, but all featuring levels that pack the weirdest elements, all spawned from the minds of such 90s dorky cool guys. So take a trip back in time with this classic (classic for the cool guys only!) and see what the rave was all about. And if you can't get behind it, then try a more restrained shooter of the era, LameDuke because there is something cool about self inflicted pain, hehe! Go, go mid 90s!

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