Space Crusade

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Gremlin Interactive Space combat Science Fiction

Great board game adaptation for sci-fi fans

Another adaptation of a classic sci-fi board game from Games Workshop, Space Crusade sees players commanding squads of heavily armed Space Marines in a series of turn-based combat missions. Very similar to GW's own Space Hulk, the game features a range of races from the Warhammer universe, including Orks, Chaos and Genestealers, all of which must be terminated with extreme prejudice. Prior to the mission, both weapons and orders can be selected to give your troops the edge in battle, with the main game itself represented via an overhead map for movement, which switches to an isometric view for combat. This is a highly faithful adaptation of the board game, featuring all the elements which made the original so successful, including the campaign mode and all the various cards, weapons and options. The multi-player aspect works extremely well, providing plenty of competition as players seek to outdo each other and the game requires some deep tactical thinking and is certainly not easy to beat in single-player. Graphically, Space Crusade lacks any strong visual appeal, with the overhead view proving quite dull and lacking detail and while the isometric perspective is slightly better, it still isn't much better. However, it's the gameplay that counts, and this is where Space Crusade scores highly. It is certainly addictive and challenging, with some tense and exciting moments along the way. Check out Hero Quest or Laser Squad as well as Space Hulk for some similar action.

Board games rock

Originally, Space Crusade is an sci-fi adventure board game that was released by Games Workshop in 1990., while the this computer version was released in 1993. It's actually a computer conversion of the board-game. In the game, you play as a Commander and have 4 marines in your team and you play against 2 to 4 other players, one of those playing aliens. The Space Marines are allied against the aliens, but they also try to compete between them. All in all, the rules of the game are all the same as in the board game, only this is the computerized version. That said, it only depends on if you will you stick to the dices and cards or grab a keyboard to play it.

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