Splay Master

Arcade 1996 Windows Chris Elsbfree Space combat Flight shooter

Space Tournament combat; inciting and well produced

Splay Master is a space combat games that is set as a 2 humans vs. each other or 1 human and one AI taking bouts at one another. It is a piloting game, in which you try to outmaneuver your adversary in ways that put you in a better position to take them on, and, even better, Splay Master does a great job of this type of experience, even if it is delivered in 2D, without too many different graphical additions. Even more so, Splay Master is a great game because it keeps you entertained with well produced missions and the AI, similar to the AI that used to motorize the baddies in Star Control, works great and is not just one trick pony. So, you can think of this game as a sort of reduced Star Control, the game without the extras, just the space battles. But since the job is done so well, I don't think you'll feel like this is an underwhelming experience. Quite on the contrary, I think you're going to feel really nicely about it all. Plus, missions include both defense and attack ones, and even ones that might feel like a blend of the two, but always quite exciting.

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