Arcade 1999 Windows Gaping Wolf Software Space combat Flight shooter

Gyruss inspired space shooter

Gyruss was a space shooter where the entire of the space was just a circular set of instances where your ship could position itself. Each shaft had its own enemies, and you had to position yourself in the right shaft to attack, or go to a different one, in order to avoid some stray missile from getting to you. All in all, though, G-Fighter is a fun, simple game, that will definitely keep you on your toes, and, with that in mind, it is pretty similar to the original, but much more competent graphically; the shafts in space build is still there, and so, you still have to both calculate where you need to be positioned, and in addition, try to avoid being hit by enemy missiles. The enemies are also much more diverse, and, all in all, G-Fighter gives you a proper action outlook into the game. Another cool thing about G-Fighter is that it's not very long or diverse, and so, if you play in small installments, you will get a lot more from it. So do have it in your collection, it certainly won't disappoint. Else, download the original Gyruss to see the arcade classic in action.

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