Advanced NetWars

Arcade 1997 Windows Caldera Space combat Flight shooter

Enthralling space combat

It is an arcade style space shooter game which is a sequel to the original Netwars but has many exciting and new traits which make it quite more brilliant and fun. The plot is simple and it is based on the space combat shooters where you have ships to ride and counter the enemies. The new feature in the game is that it supports multi player mode where upto 6 players can play the game. The multiplayer mode has computer controlled ships which can also be disabled through the computer option. The game also has a very good shooter mode where all the players ply start the game at the same time and the one that is left in the end will be the win. The level design in the game are really intriguing and suited to the space combat theme as they really indulge you in the space war world. The graphics that this game supports are 3D which allow you to explore a lot of domains in every battle sequence or scenario that you come across. Another exciting feature here is that you can edit the shape of your ships with a lot of editing options. The game is overall really fun and is a great one to have.

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