Double Agent

Adventure 1998 Windows MicroValue Cartoon

Loved the hybrid genres in it

It's a hybrid game that involves variety of genres such as adventure, fun, action and strategy. This very clearly indicates that the game has a very diverse entertainment value. The plot is that you as an agent will have to complete the given mission and you will have to achieve it before the other 3 agents who will act as your opponent. The game though was not able to generate a fair bit of sales but it may be due to the lack of publicity as it has some really an addictive features. Starting with the VGA graphics, it works fine on many systems and the details of the scenarios and the gameplay is very clearly depicted through them. You have to trap your opponent to complete the mission first. The game also has a multiplayer mode where you can have an all-out competition with your buddy and that too in real time. The gameplay is also great because all the level designs are unique from each other and you won't find anything to be repeated. The multiplayer mode is a split screen mode but is still visually viable. I have also enjoyed playing The Last Express which adds flair of diversity in the form of its attractive features and gameplay.

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