Star Trek TNG: A Final Unity

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox MicroProse Science Fiction Futuristic

Captain Picard`s best adventure!

There are quite a few Star Trek adventure in the wild, some that focus on the original crew and some that focus on the Next Generation TV series. This particular adventure game here, Star Trek TNG: A Final Unity is probably the best traditional adventure for the NG series. It starts, much in the way many of the episodes of the TV series did, with the detection of a ship, but what no one expected was for this ship to be a mere decoy. Nearby a Romulan cloaked ship emerges and from there on, an entire survival at first, adventure emerges. The game is played from the perspective of the entire crew. You will play as play as Picard, as data, as Dr. Crusher, Troy as well, and also play as the security officer Worf. It's a very detailed game graphically, which pays tribute to the series in many ways, and the dialogues are really great. Also, the puzzles will be solved mainly using equipment that was the staple of the Enterprise tech – so expect to use your communicator a lot, your tricorder and so on. A great, beautiful game, that will surely please fans. An older, yet just as great game, focused on the original series, is Star Trek : Secret of Vulcan Fury so give that one a go as well.

Best of the Franchise

A Final Unity is probably the best Star Trek game of them all. Other games seem to focus on ship-to-ship or phaser rifle combat more than the core ideas that made Star Trek so unique. A Final Unity is at its core an adventure game, like Sierra and Lucas Arts' catalog of the early and mid '90s. The focus is on discovery and diplomacy, puzzle and problem solving. Away missions require you to be familiar with everyone's talents. The entire main cast is there to provide fully voiced dialogue. There are moments of combat, especially if you decide to take leave of your senses and pilot right into the Neutral Zone. I like that the game gives you that level of control. However, if you do not wish to deal with combat, you can press the "delegate" button and let Tactical Officer Worf handle it. The entire game really feels like one really long episode. Any fan of the series owes it to themselves to pick it up, especially if you miss what real Star Trek and good science fiction is supposed to be.

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