Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds

Strategy 2001 Windows LucasArts Real time Science Fiction

It's Star War done well

Star Wars games have a bit of a dodgy history, ranging from the likes of classics such as Dark Forces and X-Wing, to the dodgy Force Commander but this one sits somewhere near the top of things. It's an ambitious attempt at a Star Wars real time strategy game, which should be a perfect fit for the massive and much loved universe, and just about lives up to its potential. It remains fun though and is worth a look for a bit of Star Wars-themed tactical entertainment. There's a wide range of factions to choose from, including the Rebel Alliance, the Trade Federation, the Wookies and of course the Empire, making for some nice variety. There are plenty of campaigns to engage in, across air, sea and land, with hundreds of unit types available in total, all with their own unique qualities. Battles themselves are suitably epic, with hundreds of units on each side and with environments including asteroids and underwater cities. You've got to worry about resource management as well as combat, with upgradeable technology available and which can turn the tide of battle. If you've played Age of Empires, this should be pretty familiar stuff, built as it is on the same engine, but even if you've haven't it's easy to get into. The sheer range of Star Wars worlds, races and units is the main draw here, while the combat is tactical, deep and thoroughly rewarding. This really does feel like you're in the universe and making a difference and is about as good as it comes when it comes to Star Wars strategy games. A must play for fans.

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