STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic

Action 2003 Windows Disney Role playing Adventure Rpg Sci fi

Star Wars done properly

Alongside the likes of Dark Forces and X-Wing, this is probably one of the best Star Wars to hold the name of the best loved science fiction setting in the universe and if you haven't already played it, you need to rectify that sad fact. The game is set way before the events of the original trilogy but finds the galaxy still riven by conflict as the Republic and the Jedi Order battle against two mighty Sith Lords. The player takes on the role of an ordinary soldier who might just turn out to be not so ordinary after all, and embarks upon an epic journey to become a Jedi Knight and to save the galaxy from the Sith Lords. What follows is an action RPG which is based on a similar system to D&D and which shares much in common with the likes of Baldur's Gate. There is plenty of character development and options for following various paths and it's this openendedness and freedom which is at the heart of the game's appeal. You get access to some seriously cool Jedi tricks, including lightsabers and mind powers, while a range of traditional weapons are also accessible, and with heaps of characters to meet in various planets that we know and love from the movies. The game offers various opportunities to follow the Dark or Light paths, with some interesting moral choices that enhance the replay value significantly, with your actions influencing major events within the storyline. KOTOR really is the Star Wars game everyone was waiting for. Stunning visuals, superb action, plenty of depth and of course, it's Star Wars done well, so if you are a fan, dive on in.

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