Fighter Wing

Simulation 1995 Windows Gemsoft Corp. Flight Space flight

Flight sim where the simulation is not the center of attention

Fighter Wing is not an arcade flight game, it is, if you will, a lite simulation kind of game, the kind that is more intent on creating a playable, fun experience rather than just creating ultra realistic physics and scenarios and then find out that there are just too few people who can actually play it! The game offers you a lot of well produced aircrafts, you get the F series, NATO Warbirds, in many of their iterations, though the F16 will most probably be the most recognizable, and then a few MIGs and an SU27 flier. There is no career or aggregated mission mode; you can play each and every mission as you see fit, but they are not held together by some common story thread or anything else. So, for those that are suckers for a good war story, there is not much of that in this game, but, the missions per se are quite diverse, ranging from recognizance to bombing to dogfights and so on. So, ultimately, Fighter Wing is a pretty well rounded game, highly playable, like I said, lacking any mission to mission glue, but other than that it works just fine. It's also similar to WarBirds III, though not as simulation prone, but more aircraft diverse.

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