Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance

Simulation 1999 Windows LucasArts Flight Space combat Space flight Shooter Action Sci fi

A game not that easy to forget

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance is the last game of the X-Wing series, which were the first games based upon the movie of the same name. Star Wars: X-Wing marked the beginning of the space simulators, representing a real evolution in the history of computer games. Its publisher, Lucas Arts is a respected company and well-known for the Indiana Jones games. The galaxy is at war, and you join the Rebel Alliance, getting involved in various space battles. Your objective is to destroy the Death Star, and the 50 levels will become a real challenge where you have to fight with various advanced weapons like arm lasers, missile launchers, and you can also embark in gun turrets for crafts. Sounds hardcore, right? At the end of every mission you will be rewarded with so called souvenirs. Before getting into the glorious action, the player will be put under a training program, that takes place aboard a secret ship. The purpose is to get you familiar with the gameplay, controls and complex movements. During campaign, the missions will walk you around the entire galaxy, and the objectives request you to investigate and then destroy. The progress of the game brings more powerful enemies, but don't get discouraged by this, because you won't be inferior neither. As a conclusion, I truly recommend this game that is not that easy to forget!

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