Star Wolves

RPG 2004 Windows 1C Company Futuristic Role playing Real time strategy Strategy Sci fi action Sci fi

Galactic phew phew

First of all, Star Wolves is a pretty good game. As you begin, you can choose a name for your hero and his perks. After that, there are 4 skill trees that you have to choose from: piloting, gunnery, missiles and electronic warfare. The skill you choose will be your specialization. So you will not be able to critical hit with a missile if you didn't choose the missile skill. Perks can be obtained with experience. At the beginning, you'd better stay near the mothership, at least until you get stronger weapons and the perks got some more experience. You can accept missions. For example, killing pirates, escorting allies, capture pirate leaders etc. There are also some side missions that you can ignore them or take them. If you fail, nothing happens, the game goes ahead at the same difficulty level. At trade posts, you can acquire weapons, items or ships, so make sure to keep in touch with that zones. The game is very easy to control. There are few buttons to press so the player can learn them pretty fast. The movement controls might be a bit troublesome, but after you learn them, will be a piece of cake to move around. The sound is well done. You can choose between tunes or even stop it, but I don't like the voiceovers. The graphics are nice and you can put it to max with a decent graphics card, being very eye pleasing.

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