Star Lord

Simulation 1987 Dos Dosbox Softbook Futuristic Space flight

Shooter game in space; a nice start to the series

Star Lord is a nice simple 87 game that puts you in command of a space shuttle, which is brimful with all sorts of lasers and other space weaponry. Your goal is to destroy all the enemies that roam about, while trying to survive. You command the ship from inside the cockpit and you have a number of enemies to destroy assigned to you each level, and a shields indicators, a number of missiles and a speed boosting meter, which is great when you're under attack and want to get some distance from your followers. The game is thus a fun one, truly remarkable in that it is very lively and direct. It controls easily via mouse and keyboard, but if you have a gamepad or joystick, it truly gets much easier to steer, controls and play. The series will go on and produce other offspring (!) which will up the ante graphically and even introduce shards of story, to create a more interesting environment to play within, but, for the most part, Star Lord is a fun game, pretty well produced and a cool start to the series. Download also Starlord, released in 93, which is still a space shooter, but more so, a strategy and economic sim in space, a unique 4X blend.

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