Fallout 2

RPG 1998 Windows Black Isle Studios Isometric Strategic scope Futuristic Turn based Action Role playing Sci fi

War never changes! Part 2!

In Fallout 1 we were tasked with finding a water purification chip, and right out of Vault 13 we were sent out into the post apocalyptic wilderness. In this one game we no longer start the journey out of a vault, but out of our tribes hut, after a bit of initiation (a little interesting tutorial!) and looking to locate the so called garden of Eden Creation Kit, the supposedly life creating valise containing seeds and other things that could bring life back into our tribe, more or less to what it used to be before the atomic bomb fell. In this game here, not very much has changed in terms of immediate control, design or feel; the game is still played from a top down perspective, both in real time as well as in turns when we're engaged in battle and, for the most part, the game is a bit more detailed, a bit more graphically superior and smooth than the first one. Fallout 2 basically follows the same recipe but manages to put out a smoother game, a more engaging game, though not a revolutionary one. There are still multiple pathways to take, a bit more clear cut in this one installment than the first. Thus, it's the perfect little RPG, fun, engaging, managing to tell a gritty story here and there infused with a bit if humor, and always palatable, always delivered straightforward. Great RPG, a worthy spiritual successor for Wasteland, as was Fallout 1.

Out of the Vault for your species life

The continuation of the great RPG Fallout, this game is really a sight to see. Other than a new story and a larger game world, nothing much has changed in this game. The gameplay is still the same, with you going around the world, visiting new locations and interacting with other game characters, with a turn based combat system. You have much freedom in your gameplay, and you can decide in what manner will you finish the quests that are given to you, which will affect your karma and experience points. You play the Chosen One and have to save the world from a great drought that has hit his people by finding GECKO, a device that can somehow remedy this disastrous situation. If you are new to the game, the character's complex SPECIAL system might puzzle you at the beginning, but you will soon figure it out. As said before, the sound and graphics system is virtually unchanged from the last game. Overall, this game is a very good sequel and Fallout fans won't be left disappointed. Great work.

Apocalyptic RPG game

It is one of the best apocalyptic RPG game. The turn based action with gore is something we all want. Of course there is way to ignore this by talking, anyhow Fallout 2 is a good continuation for the Fallout 1, and soon the third one is here! But before that we must slam the Fallout 2.

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