MetalHeart: Replicants Rampage

RPG 2005 Windows Akella Futuristic Science Fiction

Run for the hills!

Anyone who's played and loved the classic RPG that is Fallout might be tempted to check out this very similar looking title. However, to do so would be a huge mistake as it copies the essential gameplay elements of Fallout but fails to do so in any way that results in an enjoyable experience and which means this is pretty much dire from start to finish. The game gets off poorly, with an uninteresting story setup that finds you as a captain of a cargo ship who finds himself crashlanding on a desolate planet. Together with your pilot, you must make your way offworld but things are a bit tricky, as the planet is under the rule of the despotic Numori Empire. What follows is basically a turn-based RPG, where you'll explore the mining colony while facing off against mutants, cyborgs and random nomads in a familiar cyberpunk/post-apocalyptic setting. There's a bit of customization to be done, while there's a range of weapons to discover to use in combat and of course, the usual quests to run around and complete. Although MetalHeart is certainly no original, this could be forgiven if playing it was actually fun. However, it isn't. The story suffers from the game's low production values, with atrocious voice acting and a dull, badly written plot, and although the visuals aren't quite so bad, they're not far off. The sub quests are boring to complete, while the leveling up system lacks depth and again proves to be quite tedious. Throw in a bunch of irritating gameplay mechanics, and you have a game which doesn't deserve to be played. Ever. Stick to Fallout or something like Jagged Alliance instead.

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