StarCraft: Brood War

Strategy 1998 Windows Blizzard Galactic War Empire management Real time

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The most played RTS expansion in history

If you want to learn the backstory to the recently released Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty game (second stand alone campaign for the second StarCraft game), Brood War will paint a very detailed picture of these events. What you might not expect, however, is to find this expansion so good that it will probably take weeks until you finally get a move-on to the later, modern game. While Star Craft is most likely the Umbrella term for the exciting Sci Fi realtime strategy, Brood War is what put the game in the map. It brought more campaigns, more tilesets for custom map creation and also completed the unit count for the three races. What made Brood War such an incredible game was the refinement and the perfect balance achieved between the races, while at the same time allowing for completely different strategic and tactical approaches to be viable for each individual race. This was truly what prompted the game to sell incredible amounts of copies and to furthermore bring the game into the realm of digital sport, a feat achieved by very few other titles. So, expect a real time strategy game that is fresh every time you start a new skirmish, and also expect great games brought by the campaign itself. Brood War will probably take another 10 years until it becomes a lesser alternative, or a dated game, but for now it still remains one of the top strategy games of all times.

Still The Standard

Starcraft is a phenomenal game, and I really mean that. It's practically the national past time of South Korea. Brood War is the expansion pack to the original Starcraft. Since Starcraft has been out already for more than 12 years, it's been thoroughly analyzed to death. My uncle and I spent many hours through the night until the sun came up trying to win in an Alamo or 300 style battle with the odds greatly out of our favor. Brood War adds new units to each major race in order to make the most easily exploited weaknesses of each race less of an Achilles heel. The map editor has a few new upgrades. The story picks up moments from the end of the original Starcraft and expands on the culture and inner workings of each race. The online community of players or map makers are what give this game the long life it's observed so far. Plus, there's Starcraft II. If you want to get on board for the next biggest real-time strategy game sensation, Starcraft II's expansion pack Heart of the Swarm, there's no better place to start than with the original and it's expansion pack. You can easily find it available on the Blizzard store as a downloadable item, or still in stores in a Battle Chest bundle. How many stores will stock their shelves with a 12 year old game? That really says something about this game.

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