Dune 3

Strategy 1994 Dos Sergei Bobrovsky Galactic War Empire management Real time Science Fiction

Little known Russian strategy game by Sergei Bobrosky

Dune III, not to be confounded with Dune 2000 is a non cannon game mainly known in Russia. The game plays in parts as an adventure but It also features a good deal of tactics similar but less detailed than the Dune 2 or other similar real time strategies. The game was the project of a very small team of developers, at time being produced by the titular Sergei Bobrosky, and thus the game didn't manage to find an audience due to lack of marketing funds. The game seems to follow the plot line of the original books, but the player has little freedom of choice in this area. Therefore, you will mostly be involved in the strategy portion, which, as mentioned is by no means very well put together. As an oddity and a very rarely talked about game, this product will probably only interest those with a love for the history of the frank Herbert legacy in gaming, but other than that any other Dune game will be a better choice, gameplay wise. So, unless you're really interested into the game and put the effort of actually finding it that that effort in itself will prompt you to give this one a go, but otherwise you don't lose much by staying away from this one.

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