The Settlers 4

Strategy 2001 Windows 1C Company Empire management God game or micromanagement Real time

Average real time strategy game

It is a real time strategy game involving a lot of elements which diversify the gameplay. All the installments have been good with one feature or the other, but this one has a good chunk of features which have been incorporated well into the gameplay. The plot this time is also the same as your goal is to settle your little person in an area where others are also present. Then you will have to devise a prolific economic system and build your army and weaponry to attack and take control of the area. You will have control over Vikings, Romans and Mayans and will have to counter a lot of enemies. The graphics in the game are very alluring in terms of how simple yet effective they are. The user interface has been designed with a lot of focus on making it friendly and intuitive. The controls are also well balanced and you can easily grip the gameplay with both the mouse and the keyboard. All the scenarios in the game and pretty much linked with one another and this makes the game every interesting and competitive. You can find other good games in this genre as well and one of such games is Legion Gold.

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