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To war!

While it is almost entirely lacking in originality and innovation, Thandor proves to be well executed and enjoyable real time strategy game that is a good bet for Command and Conquer or Warcraft fans. The setting, as is so often the case, is a science fiction one which sees the player taking control of the fractured Alliance of Avares and being charged with its resurrection. Standing in your way is the ever present threat of the Golrath, who want to conquer the galaxy for their own evil purposes. As usual for this kind of thing, you have a range of units and weapons at your disposal, including ground-, sea- and air-based vehicles as well as plenty of missions to try them out in. There are several environmental types for you to battle over, including lava, snow and desert, while the missions themselves are challenging and equally varied, requiring plenty of skill and tactical thought in order to succeed. Thandor might not be very original, and will be extremely familiar to anyone who's ever played an RTS before, but it scores a lot of points for simply being well done. A lot of thought has clearly gone into the variety of military units on display here and there's a lot of fun to be had figuring out how best to use them in the field. The environments too add much to the overall sense of excitement and bring in their own challenges, with the enemy putting up a good fight every inch of the way. The interface is very intuitive and makes moving your forces a breeze so when you put it all together you have a fine slice of strategy wargaming here.

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