Stay Tooned!

Action 1996 Windows Sierra On-Line First Person Puzzle based

Funny puzzler and adventure game with cartoon characters

In Stay Tooned! something weird happens and the world beyond the TV as well as the world in front of it merge. Yes, bad guys get out of the TV and it is your duty to wrong these rights, and to make it all better again. You will play from a first person perspective and will get to explore a house and a neighborhood. Of course, most of the people that you meet will want something from you. This means that you will rarely have any situations where you are not looking for an object or need to find some individual in the city. So, the game is a puzzler at its core, but the story is definitely a handful. There are no known animated characters in the game, but the ones that are included will remind you of a lot of Cartoon Network characters, thus, making the game half spoof, half a blatant stealing of ideas from other creations. Also, there is a feel of Neighbors from Hell running at the core of this game, due to all the weird actions that you will have to take part in But, the story, as you will learn as you go on brings it all tighter and makes it coherent. Along with other classics of adventure such as the Realm of the Mad God, Stay Tooned! Is definitely worth a go.

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