Neighbors from Hell

Adventure 2003 Windows Buka Entertainment 3D action adventure Strategic scope

Revenge is a dish best served funny

The first in a pair of games which also included On Vacation, this is a curious little experience but one which is actually worth a closer look, especially if you like board game-style experiences. It's got a nice mix of action, adventure and strategy and throws these various elements into a neat setting which gives it a lot of appeal. You're thrown into the role of Woody, who's a participant in a virtual game show. The idea is that by performing various tricks and stunts on your hapless neighbor, you rack up fans and therefore points. There are fourteen episodes to play through, and by chaining together more cunning and fiendish tricks, you'll rack up points faster, thus making your poor neighbor's blood boil and his stress levels rocket. The whole thing is played out via sideon perspective, similar to the classic Spy vs Spy games, with which it also shares other similarities, while there are loads of items scattered around the in-game house to use creatively. Neighbors from hell is certainly an unusual game and for anyone who likes their game with a healthy smattering of originality and humor, this certainly delivers the goods, albeit for a short while only. The game gets off to a great start with its distinctive and very stylish visuals, which are nicely animated and pack a lot of personality. There's much fun to be had exploring the house and experimenting with the various items and there's a certain gleeful joy that comes from inflicting pain on our neighbor. However, the problem is that the entertainment doesn't last all that long and the game quickly becomes boring. For a couple of hours though, this is a guilty plasure.

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