Thor's Hammer

Action 1995 Windows MVP Software First Person Puzzle based

Simple but enjoyable medieval fantasy adventure

This curious and fairly obscure game is a sort of hybrid of first person shooters like Doom and the Catacombs series but with some light RPG-style elements to spice up the mix. While it's far from perfect, it does make an entertaining, if occasionally dull, trip down memory lane. As the name suggest, the story is one steeped in medieval fantasy and mythology and sees the land covered in darkness as a great evil seeks to spread its influence. As a young champion and hero in the making, it falls to you to take up the legendary Thor's Hammer and return peace to the people, which obviously requires copious amounts of violence without any thought of peaceful negotiation. In most ways, Thor's Hammer plays out in familiar shooter fashion, with the player exploring a vast series of dungeons and other assorted environments, slaying monsters, locating treasure and finding keys to open doors which are apparently too tough for your mighty hammer to beat down. There are a few RPG elements as well, like speaking with NPCs to gather information and upgrading your weapons and armour, but this is more akin to Curse of the Catacombs than Eye of the Beholder so don't expect too much in the way of depth here. For the most part, Thor's Hammer is quite fun, with heaps of exploration and some satisfyingly simple real-time combat to be enjoyed. However, isn't overly challenging, thanks in part to the fact that many areas are largely devoid of enemies and which simply require time rather than skill to traverse. The visuals and sound are quite nice, with some varied environments to explore and some cool old-school music and effects to add to the atmosphere. Overall, this is an unremarkable adventure but one which has enough good moments along the way to warrant an investigation.

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