Magic Carpet 2

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Oriental First Person Shooter Fantasy

Unique and innovative adventure

The original Magic Carpet was a revolutionary game from the mind of Peter Molyneux, creator of Populous amongst other classics, and while it was commercially unsuccessful, it gained enough support to warrant this sequel. It fixes some of the problems with the predecessor and adds in some new features to create what is actually a highly enjoyable and innovative experience that is well worth seeking out. The basic premise remains the same, with players taking control of a wizard who seeks to destroy the demon lord who is rampaging across the land. This largely involves flying around numerous fantasy-style levels, killing monsters and rival wizards with an extensive array of spells but also adds in elements of RPGs and other genres to add some variety. For example, you can choose to help out various NPCs whose cities are being ravaged by the demon or you can simply destroy them instead, which gives the game something of a god-sim feel, like Molyneux's own Black & White. For anyone looking for a game with originality and creativity, this makes for an intriguing choice. The setting is full of personality and is brought to life effectively through excellent graphics, with a wonderful mix of well-realised environments to explore. The core gameplay itself is like a free-flying FPS and which provides plenty of excitement and action, while the extra elements bring some much needed depth and variety, so when you combine all this, you have an adventure which is compelling, thrilling and memorable in equal measure and which deserves to be played for its sheer inventiveness.

Bullfrog's carpet riding, fantasy pellet shooting weirdness!

Peter Molyneux is surely a hell of a weird little man! He was the head of Bullfrog for a long time, where he managed to create all sort of weird and at the same time innovative games (though, often, those innovations of his were just reinterpretations of older, less mainstream game, so in a way Molyneux too was more of a hack and thief then he'd probably like to admit!) such as Populous, Syndicate, Powermonger and so on. At any rate, while most of his games were tuned towards creating worlds of toys and tools with which the gamers could interact and do with them whatever it was that they wanted, Magic Carpet was an action game, a shoot em up in 3D, but a shoot em up from up above, from the comfort of a Persian rug! Yap, that's what it is all about, fly about, reach the recharge posts, pick up the ammunition and shoot down your targets. Why? Well, there's a bit of a backstory, but with or without it, the game is just as fun, if you share the same fetishes that lil ol Peter had! But, in all honesty, this second title sure is a bit more graphically advanced then the first and a perfectly playable one, for sure.

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