Storm Master

Strategy 1992 Dos Silmarils Fantasy Role Playing

A detailed roleplayer with lots of other elements

Storm Master is one of those very detailed role playing/strategy games, that borrows a lot from some other genres as well. Thus, while not necessarily a purebred, it surely is a game that will make you use a whole lot of your skills and a whole lot of other attributes in order to find how to approach it to win. Diplomacy, for instance, is one of the aspects that this game delves deep into, but the execution, from the player side perspective is kind of blemished by the not so grainy options. What I mean is that the game allows you opt between, generally, black and white options, which is why Storm Master can let you down at times. At any rate, if you love fantasy, role playing and a combination type game, set in a fantasy/medieval setting, Storm Master will surely be interesting at least for a while. Plus, it looks kind of neat, and has that high fantasy/medieval feel of the 90s which I personally am very fond of. See Battlemaster as well, if you like Storm Master, they both have a similar feeling going for the gameplay and the universes in which the action takes place.

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