Castle Master

RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox Incentive Software Fantasy First person

Who took your twin? Find them and kill them!

Castle Master is yet another great fantasy RPG game with a very good story, fantastic gameplay and a graphics and video system much advanced when compared to other games from the genre at the time. You are either a prince or a princess (you choose which) who is in search of your twin. He or she has been kidnapped to a mysterious and very dangerous castle and is guarded by the Guardian Spirits. You have to explore the castle, solve various puzzles an find hidden keys and passageways that will eventually lead you to your sibling and the bastards that took them. The game is played from a first person perspective in a 3D environment that may look a bit strange at first, but you have to keep in mind that even this kind of view was revolutionary and new and was too much for any computer a kid in that time could own! A word of warning, though - if you're looking for a game that involves a lot of slashing of the swords and killing, feel free to go away now. The main part of the gameplay is to solve puzzles and find doors that will get you to your sibling and enemies really come scarce. Even when they do, a simple hit with a rock is enough to destroy them. The only real battle will be with the game's main villains. This game is great for those that like to crack their brain a bit, like exploring and a nice plot. It may not be as action packed as you'd be used to, but the game is still well worth the playing for the mysterious atmosphere, motivation to get to the finish and a nice story. Truly recommended!

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