Video Strip Poker Supreme

Adult 2006 Windows Torquemada Games Strip Poker

Sexy, with high quality videos

As the name says it, Video Strip Poker Supreme is a game for adults. It contains almost everything you would expect from a strip poker game, so, this fact will definitely raise your interest into playing it for hours. If you have a wife, try not to get caught, haha! Now let's talk about the beautiful ladies against you are playing. Of course there is plenty of nudity, and the videos present real women. I found them repetitive, though. For example, there will be shown the same part of the video over and over again, and once a girl loses, there isn't something new to see. Except that, there will appear scenes from different camera angles. So, the removing of the clothes will look similar for the rest of the girls. The visuals are more attractive than the sounds based on replies from the strippers. There are several buttons available to bet money on your girl, in order to make her act seductive in front of you. The gameplay involves the traditional draw type : you play five-card-draw poker against one lady at a time. The graphics aren't so special but the high-quality videos keep the image of this game impeccable. You will love the competition in this game, due to your pretty opponents! So, take this game if you want to stare lustfully at beautiful and sexy ladies!

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