Top Girl Strip Poker

Adult 1996 Windows Marco Pesce Strip Poker

Higher resolution nudes but abysmal poker simulation

Although Top Girl Strip Poker is rather a late comer to the strip poker genre in the DOS era it hit the market in 1996, the game still hasn't learned the lesson of its older buddies: you can't really sell a game on naked ladies alone. Thus, Top Girl Strip Poker remains just as good an example on how not to make a poker game. Yes, the adolescent boys and even older will pay some attention to the game, as the quality of the nudes that can be exposed is higher than older games of the genre, but once you've seen a few pictures, the drive simply wears off. What you're left with is an Ok-ish poker game, but unfortunately, it isn't good enough to keep you hooked. Much of the disappointment is due to the fact that the game seems to be too easy, the odds are too much in your favor. This will become evident soon enough. The later games will seem to reduce your winning streak but already you know that this is not due to your actual game. So, unless you're in for a tour of strip poker DOS games, try to avoid this one as well.

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