Strong Lines

Arcade 1994 Dos Homebrew Software Puzzle based

Spider crawl type deal with no rude bits!

Strong Lines keeps the drawing of rectangular squares as simple as it can be. You aren't assaulted by flashing lights, the promise of free nudity or some other excesses, but the gameplay, in its clean, almost deplete of any original elements is as fun as always. I mean, for God's sake, what more should such games offer you? I remember playing something similar to this in this cellular phone (and I call it a CELULAR phone for a reason!) that could barely display two lines of text but managed to have a working, enjoyable version of such a game in it. And that is the deal here, you will be playing just because it is fun to avoid being caught by the bouncing elements, that it feels good to take risks and because it is always satisfying to finally be able to cover the entire screen, Yeah, this can easily be seen as a no achievement needed manifesto, but whatever, let others bother with such things. When you feel like going arcade on your desktop, this can be it. All cards on the table, no Ace in the sleeve, just plain, satisfying, spider crawl type a deal. Hmm, want a different alternative? How about another type of puzzler for a change? Yes?! Ok, try Boulderoid, a Supaplex clone that can be just as fun (though certainly not easy!).

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