N.Y Warriors

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Arcadia Systems Military

A top down shooter adventure in N. Y.!

N.Y Warriors is a top down game starring a very Rambo looking character (at least in his picture!) and, just as Rambo, has a predilection towards shooting everyone he sees! He's a walking fortress, going in and out of urban top down levels, where he administers pain, at his (your!) own will. In terms of graphics this is not a very satisfying game, as it mostly looks like an 8bit game from the NES, with just a bit better explosions and other graphics. The rad, world gone wrong feel of the game, very early 90ish works great for N.Y Warriors, and if you like a game that is not too clean or too worked, graphically, this one will satisfy you. The animations and especially the movement animations are not too advanced, and the enemies are many but all seem to look very similar. All in all, it all works great, like some sort of zine production that is dedicated to lovers of campy movies. A good alternative can be Metal Gear, similar, but a lot smarter, and with better production value, especially graphically.

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