Navy Seal

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Cosmi Corporation Military

Poor attempt at a realistic action game

A very different beast from Ocean's later release entitled Navy SEALs, this is a pseudo-realistic take on the military action genre. However, while it promises much, in reality it delivers little and is no more than a brief diversion, thanks to its simple and repetitive gameplay. As the name suggests, the game throws players into the tough boots of a Navy SEAL and tasks them with completing a series of missions, taking down terrorists and hostages. To enhance the feeling of being a true Navy SEAL, these missions involve the various aspects of warfare that the SEALs are known for, including underwater demolitions and HALO jumps. Each mission is divided into segments, almost like mini-games each with their own unique mechanics, with swimming and submarining amongst these tasks. However, most of the game consists of more traditional side scrolling shooting action and it is here that the 'realism' kicks in. In contrast to most such shooters, like Ikari Warriors, there are no upgrades or extra weapons available here, and players only have one life, factors which add to the game's challenge. Unfortunately, there really isn't much to recommend Navy SEAL. It is too basic, with crude graphics and disparate game styles that don't mesh into a cohesive whole, leaving it as a mess that simply isn't worth your time.

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