Super Fly

Puzzle 1994 Dos Nels Anderson

Minor Distraction

Super Fly is a strange little chaotic game that I discovered in the age of Shareware and Freeware. You control a fly swatter with the arrow keys. Flies come onto the screen and into a room through holes in the wall. You have to swat all of them to advance. However there are a few problems. First, if you swat a fly that is positioned right outside of the hole, the dead body blocks it up. Second, you can also surround yourself with dead bodies, locking you in place. If you plug up all the holes or get surrounded, there's nothing you can do. The game seems to me to be a bit flawed. Perhaps it was the product of a first year game programming student. I cannot judge it too harshly for that. However, for the folk who love the ever increasing difficulty of arcade games like Asteroids or Missile Command, this game would appease that type of player. I just can't say that it was the game for me. Though it seems like it would be perfect for recreation on the mobile application stores, just to kill a few moments while you're waiting or to pacify a child on a trip. It's a nice little game with very little to it.

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