Super Granny

Puzzle 2004 Windows WildTangent Platformer Arcade style

Granny to the rescue

If you have a hankering to play the classic arcade/platformer that is Lode Runner then this little-known game might just be of interest to you. It's the first in a surprisingly long list of Super Granny games which play out in very similar fashion to the aforementioned legend and while none of them have the magic and shine of their inspiration, they're just about worth a closer inspection. This one does away with the surprisingly detailed background material of the original and simply charges you with controlling the titular granny through a series of single screen platform-style levels. Your task is to locate all of granny's lost cats then lead them to the exit while avoiding the gnomes and dogs which are out to get them. There are things to pick up to add to your score while granny also has access to a range of powerups, including umbrellas which allow her to float, Venus flytraps to eat her enemies, and jackhammers to drill through rock. There are five different areas to explore, each with twenty levels each plus a few bonus levels popping up every now and then. Super Granny is certainly simple enough stuff and it isn't exactly going to challenge the brain cells but for when you're in the mood for some Chuckie Egg-style fun and games, it should just about scratch the itch. The visuals are bright and colorful and the game is certainly very accessible, with some nice tutorials to ease you in, but with the levels soon becoming quite challenging. Controls are tight and responsive so for some good old retro action, you could do worse than give this a spin.

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